Stulce SA-10 Amp Head with MasonorousFX Mods


Boutique, handwired, 7W, class A, EL84 Stulce SA-10 tube amp. The MasonorousFX mods and switches make this much more versatile than the stock version.

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Stulce Amps made boutique, handwired tube amps from 2006 until about 2011. They were best known for being used by the Charlie Hall Band. These amps were always in pretty short supply, but now they are quite rare. They are perfect for church stages or small club use because they can get the “cranked amp” tone at low enough volumes that sound guys won’t hate you. Of course they sound great in larger venues, too, you just have to mic your cab. The MasonorousFX mods and switches (see below) make this particular amp head much more versatile than the stock version. See demo video below.

Another interesting feature of Stulce amps is that instead of being covered in Tolex, they are sprayed with a heavy-duty, textured compound used in the automotive industry. The finish is practically indestructible.

Here is the builder’s original description of the Stulce SA-10 :
SA-10H The is the head version of our original SA-10c combo. It incorporates all the same features as the combo, but gives you the option to play with the cab of your choice. A favorite choice of studio players and church players who keep cabs in different locations in order to carry less gear. [There is also more info on the combo version page which says: “This class A, single-ended combo is known for its outstanding response and tone at managable stage volumes. The dual-knob, cascading gain circuit gives the player much more control over the breakup characteristics and overall response of the amp.”]
Complete Specs:

  • 100% Hand-made
  • Class A circuitry
  • 8-watt Amp
  • Ohm Switch (selectable between 4, 8, 16 ohms)
  • Dimensions: 24x10x9
  • Durable but lightweight. Only 24lbs.
  • Pine Construction

SA-10H – $945 plus $50.00 shipping and handling
(We found this original description at

The tube complement is (1) 12AT7, (1) 12AU7, and (1) EL84 or 6V6. It runs Class A, single-ended, which produces richer harmonics than amps that run a push-pull configuration.

This amp always had great tone at low volumes, but it has been modded by MasonorousFX to have a lot more options and control over the tone. Here is a complete list of the mods we performed:

  • install octal tube socket so a 6V6 power tube can be used if desired
  • add bright switch
  • add full/tight/fat switch
  • add tone stack lift switch for more mids, volume, and power tube drive
  • install carbon comp resistors in key places where they would add warmth to the sound
  • a few other minor circuit mods that optimize the amp for the tubes being used, increase its headroom, and allow a little more bass through for more richness and depth.
  • install NOS JAN Philips 12AT7 in V1 and NOS Tung-Sol 12AU7 in V2. In this circuit, these tubes sounded the best out of all the tubes we auditioned.

Video demonstrating mods

Video by this1smyne showing how well an original Stulce takes pedals:

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 10 in