Artifact Buffer – Velvet Tobacco Tin


This Artifact Buffer is built in a vintage Velvet tobacco tin. The Artifact circuit is an improved version of the “legendary” Kl0n buffer.

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If your tone is dull because of long cables or many true bypass pedals, make it sparkle again with this Artifact Buffer built in an antique Velvet Tobacco tin. There is an orange led in the bowl of the pipe.

The Outside

MasonorousFX Artifact buffers are built into unusual tins and salvaged artifacts from the back shelves of antique stores here in Bloomington or around the country. Why buy a boring buffer when you can spice up your pedalboard with a vintage tin from our curated collection?

The Inside

Artifact Buffers are built using high-quality components from reputable sources. We custom design our circuit layouts and have our boards professionally fabricated for a more reliable and durable product. Then they are hand-soldered, hand-wired, and carefully tested through our own guitar rig to make sure they meet quality standards.

The Artifact circuit is an improved/modded version of the “legendary” Kl0n buffer. Compared to the original, the Artifact Buffer features:

  • Additional power filtration and protection components
  • A second buffer section stacked in parallel with the first for additional current drive capability and even lower output impedance
  • A larger output capacitor for no loss of bass even when used with vintage pedals.

Size:  4.75″L x 3″W x 0.85″H
Power: Requires standard 9V effects pedal power adapter.
Condition: Artifact Buffers are built in antique tins up to 80 years old; every one is unique and tells a different story through its own scratches, dents, and dirt. This is part of the vintage look. The photos show the item’s condition and should be considered part of the description.
Price differences: Certain Artifact tins cost more to source, are in excellent antique condition, or are generally more interesting or valuable; this is reflected in the price of the buffer.